The Stop Solitary CT campaign, a program of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT), aims to end the use of solitary confinement statewide and replace isolation with humane, safe, and effective alternatives.

The immediate goals of the campaign are to grow the coalition of people in and around Connecticut who are opposed to solitary confinement; advocate for the restriction of solitary confinement through legislative or regulatory reforms; and provide public educational programs about solitary confinement.

Stop Solitary Connecticut has an exciting opportunity for a part-time campaign organizer:

Stop Solitary CT is seeking an experienced organizer who is willing to work part-time for $30 per hour, 20 hours per week (schedule flexible). The position is part-time for 6 months, with extension contingent on continued funding. The organizer will be a staff person of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture and will work with a campaign steering committee. The position will be based in Connecticut, most likely out of Hartford, New Haven, or Bridgeport, with travel throughout the state.


1. Build and Organize Coalition of People in Connecticut Opposed to Solitary Confinement

  • Expand campaign coalition membership through outreach to faith institutions, universities, formerly incarcerated individuals, community activists, etc.
  • Facilitate coalition meetings convened to discuss campaign goals, agree on action items, evaluate progress, meet with allies, etc.
  • Develop relationships with participants and key allies and partners to increase engagement in the campaign’s efforts and recruit future leaders and partners.
  • Help facilitate workshops and retreats for survivors of solitary confinement and their family members

2. Develop and Help Implement Political Strategy for 2019 Legislative Session

  • Coordinate grassroots activism and strategic media coverage around expected legislative hearing on solitary confinement in January 2019.
  • Identify key policy-makers needed to support future legislation ending the practice of solitary confinement and replacing it with alternatives
  • Train and organize people to meet with key policy-makers in their local districts and in Hartford; coordinate Advocacy Days at the Capitol and in areas with constituents of key policy-makers
  • Facilitate input from core constituencies during development of legislation and/or administrative reforms on solitary confinement.
  • Set up strategic public actions & events; send out regular updates and action alerts

3.  Support Campaign-Related Public Education Efforts

  • Help develop campaign materials and toolkits for use at public education events.
  • Provide assistance to coalition members who will organize and carry out campaign-related public education events.

The ideal Campaign Organizer will be a self-starter, a leader, and an experienced organizer; they will be able to work independently and as part of a large coalition. People of color and people who are survivors of incarceration and/or solitary confinement are strongly encouraged to apply. Key qualifications for the position include:

  • Demonstrated skills at engaging in grass-roots organizing and advocacy as part of coalitions and campaigns.
  • Strong relationship-building skills, experience collaborating with a diversity of stakeholders.
  • Ability to take direction and be responsible and accountable to a team.
  • Strong communication skills: managing email listserv communications, social media, google documents, spreadsheets, and other tools to organize and share information with campaign members and the public.
  • Knowledge of the criminal injustice system, incarceration system, and solitary confinement, preferably including direct experience with solitary and incarceration.


Applications are due by July 1st. To Apply: Please submit the following by email to stopsolitaryct@gmail.com.

  1. Cover letter, including 3 references (with daytime phone numbers and email addresses)
  2. Resume

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